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KMS partner has been developing mini beam projectors that deliver sharp video resolution and also provide convenience and mobility.
We believe that the company will continue to grow well and that its beam projectors will afford people greater pleasure in life.




Self R&D and Manufacturing

KMS R&D center develops new technologies and new high quality products and leads the market with fresh ideas beyond the typical expectations.

Entry into the global market

Entering global markets including South Korea, China, Southeast Asia, Russia, the Americas, and Europe.

Strengthening domestic on and offline distribution

We improve our brand awareness through various domestic marketing activities and expand online and offline distribution channels such as home shopping.


We are growing healthy every year with a stable financial structure with 160% increase in sales. In order to expand the business since 2021, we have been expanding the RND center and expanding the business from B2B to B2C.


Special vacations of everyday life.
We add a modern sensitivity to a lifestyle.
We offer life solutions that provide comfort to your tired body and
mind in everyday life and fill an ordinary space with extraordinariness..

by Digital total solution for the World

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